In the event that you’ve never gotten a spray tan, it is profoundly suggested some spray tanning tips, yet there are a couple of things you should know before booking your first appointment.

Here, some pointers to do before getting a spray tan which guarantee you get an incredible shine, less the humiliating rookie botches.

Make sure To Exfoliate Before

Scrub your whole body to swamp off dead skin and relax dry patches. Tanning without shedding can leave you splotchy (the product won’t absorb equitably).

Wax Prior To Your Appointment

Continuously shave or wax (all over the place) first—even the littlest measure of stubble can cause development at the follicle. Likewise, shaving after your spray tan can really evacuate the product and cause it to blur quicker.

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Try not to Wear Lotion

Applying a moisturizer before getting a spray tan makes an obstruction between the product and your skin. Your tan will be excessively light, best case scenario, and even from a pessimistic standpoint, streaky. Hold up until your color is totally set.

Try not to Wear Makeup

The professional will tan your face, so ensure you get rid of all makeup before getting a spray tan —at any rate, pack a couple micellar wipes.

Get ready To Strip

You’ll be approached to get naked (according to your comfort level—you can wear a bathing suit or underwear, however remember tan lines). We suggest in any event going topless and wearing modest underwear.

Try not to Wear Accessories

Evacuate all earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that you can. Not exclusively will it make for a superior spray tan, it’ll spare you jewelry tidy up time.

to do before getting a spray tan

Paint Your Nails Before

Paint your nails before your spray tan appointment, regardless of whether it’s only a reasonable coat. (Try not to worry, the expert will wipe them off so your cash isn’t destroyed.) This makes an obstruction that will shield your nails from staining.

Wear Something Loose

Whatever you do, don’t wear white or tight attire soon after your spray tan. Light colors can get stains, while boots or tight pants can rub against your skin and get rid of color on those areas.

Try not to Make Social Plans Afterward

Remember, most spray tan products incorporate noticeable color to guarantee even coverage. Since you need to hold up at least five hours before showering, you’ll regularly get an underlying shade that is far more profound than the subsequent tan. While the formula creates, you likewise get the telltale tanning smell.