Beauty and youth are priceless; however, every woman caring for herself knows well the value of a youthful appearance, well-groomed and smooth skin. If a few decades ago you could only rely on your natural data and folk remedies, the modern beauty industry offers many solutions to prolong youth and preserve a beautiful look.

What are dysport and botox?

Botox is produced by an American company, and Dysport is from France. You do not need to think that these are completely different drugs, in fact, they both are botulinum toxin, a neuroparalytic poison that is used in cosmetological purposes in harmless medical concentrations.

dysport or botox

The difference of dysport vs botox in terms of composition is expressed in the amount of type A botulinum toxin in each vial. This neurotoxin protein complex is contained in a bottle of disport in an amount of 12.5 ng, while in a bottle of Botox it is only 5 ng. The difference is also in the proportions of albumin, which is less in the dispersion, and in the content of excipients. Botox manufacturers include sodium chloride in their product, and the French company includes lactose. At the same time, the bottles of disperse themselves are larger, and even cosmetologists confirm that this drug is required more to achieve the result.

There is no difference between botox and dysport in the route of administration. Both drugs are injected by micro injection at the point of facial muscles. As a result, paralysis of this particular muscle develops, which prevents the formation of wrinkles. In this case, no circulatory disturbance is observed, and the person himself does not feel the effects of the injection, of course, unless a series of injections has been carried out throughout the face.

Beauticians and pharmacists indicate that each of the preparations has a unique effect on the tissues of the human body due to the difference in composition. The biggest difference is the difference in therapeutic dosage, which leads to a difference in the ratio between the applied dose and the effect obtained. The safety profile and antigenic potential also vary.

Which drug to choose for rejuvenation?

The most important question is what to choose, French dysport or American botox. Among our compatriots Botox is better known, but between botox vs disport, the dysport is quite trustworthy.

Firstly, you should choose, starting from what duration of effect is preferred, and how quickly you want to notice that the wrinkles really smoothed out. If you compare information from manufacturers, you can see that the effect of Botox will delight the client (or the client, now quite a few public men resort to injections to rejuvenate) for about 12 weeks. Dysport compared to botox will last 3-4 weeks less.

Dysport has an undeniable advantage: it begins to act a couple of days before its counterpart. This is very beneficial for those who inject themselves before an event. For example, before the wedding, the bride wants to look irresistible, or they were unexpectedly invited to an interview at work, where they are very meticulous about their appearance.