When it comes to hair there will be so much advice that has been providing to the other people based on their hair experiences but there are a lot of differences in each type of hair. While you are using the hair products to your hair you have to be very clear about your hair type and based on that you should make use of those products.

So it is very important to understand your hair type for this you can get expert advice on how to identify the hair type and what are the things you have to use to your hair type.

Type of hair 

Wavy hair type

Wavy hair is one of the types of hair and they usually have loose S-shape. This wavy hair shares some of the properties of the straight hair along with the gentle waves or curls. Suppose you are having wavy hair that is more in common with straight hair then you will be experiencing the lack of volume.

In this case, experts advise you to get shag haircuts; you can find this option by the link above. You just don’t recognize yourself!

Also you can make use of the volumizing spray that can help you look your hair thicker and shinier the people having the very fine wavy hair with the medium length along with the uneven length it keeps your hair looking full of volume and bouncing.

When it comes to wavy vs straight hair both of them share some of the similar characteristics a lot more than other types.

Curly hair type

The curls hair gets vary in their degree of tightness from the loose such as spring or barrel curls. Straight vs curly hair gets mostly differ in their look and it is tough to sustain the natural oil in the root of hair if you have curly hair.

The curly hair is more prone to hair damage and feels very dry. For curly hair, there are so many hair products that keep them smooth and moisturized and you can make use of natural serum or texturing spray.

Straight hair type

The straight hair is more common than the other two types of hair and it is also called glossy shine, the hair has a straight surface. But this type of hair lack volume and for this, you can make use of voluminous shampoo and conditioner.

Does straight or curly hair look better? The fact is that both of them have different features and characters.

Final thoughts

Identifying your hair type is more important than anything and make use of products based on your hair type to keep them healthy.